Easy Login Methods

Effectively login with your favourite app with ease with just few details, log in and book your services with ease without any hustle. After a few steps of registrations you an use our app anytime and anywhere. You can connect multiple accounts using your login and avail your service and bookmark it.

Manage Your Account

Easily manage your account and details, it's secure and safe. Manage the order details,ride details and ther service details with ease.Save your promo code and use it on services.Track all the orders wherever you go accuratly with enhanced GPS tracking system.

Multiple Services

All in one app or Oluari app offers different on-demand services like massage services, taxi booking, beauty services, cleaning services etc. It consists of almost all the on-demand services that a nuser wants to start with. The user has access to almost all the services available in the market in just a tap.


All the payments for your service can be directly paid in app itself, with its integration to your bank and other accounts you can pay for your service with ease withour Oluari App itself and manage multiple payment methods which comforts you.