What is Oluari?

Oluari is a Startup Networks Sapi de C.V.  product that works closely with experienced drivers and partners to support transportation and services in Spain using motorbikes or cars.

How to use Oluari

By using the Oluari application, you can order a Oluari Driver to access all of our services. Enter your address to find out the cost of using the service. Use the 'Use my location' service to direct the Driver to where you are.

After you confirm the order, our location-based technology will find the nearest Driver near you. After a Driver has been assigned, you can view the Driver photo, send an sms and also call him.


Where can I download the Oluari application

You can download the Oluari application on Google Play or the Apple Store. Search and use the keyword "Oluari". You can also download it on the download page at https://Oluari.com

What facilities are in Oluari

Oluari serves several services such as motorbike or motorbike transport services, courier services, courier services with box cars, food shuttle services, call massage services, call service services and several other services that can be updated at any time.

Where is the cover area on Oluari

Oluari operates throughout Spain. Until now we continue to expand the service area to reach all users in Spain

How to give a rating to the driver

At the end of the service, you can automatically give a rating to the Driver. We take customer service very seriously, we ask that you give a fair and honest rating. You can leave a more detailed message in the comment formatting format.


Can you pre-order Oluari services

We do not serve Oluari pre-order services

How do I change the phone number and e-mail in the application?

Open the SETTINGS feature then click PROFILE. Here, you can change your name, email address and telephone number. If you have registered your number via the call center and want to start making orders via the application, then enter the same number into the registration process after downloading.


How do I report a problem with an application or order difficulty?

For reporting and difficulties using the application, please send an email to admin@Oluari.com or Whatsapps Center. Please include as much detail as possible about your problem including a screenshot of the problem so that our team can help as soon as possible.

Is there insurance?

Oluari does not have insurance for the services offered and therefore if you want the item to be insured during shipping, please contact your insurance provider.