The following Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, transfer, disclose and protect your personally identifiable information obtained through our Application (as defined below). Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to ensure that you understand how the provisions of this Privacy Policy are enforced.

This Privacy Policy is included as part of our Terms of Use. This Privacy Policy covers the following matters:



  1. "We" means Oluari  , a company established under the laws of Mexico .
  1. "Application" means a software application that we have developed that is a means of finding services provided by third parties
  2. "Service Provider" means a third party motorcycle rider (motorcycle taxi driver) who provides Services through the Application.
  3. "Services" means transportation services using motorbikes offered by Service Providers through the Application which may include (i) instant courier services, (ii) transportation, (iii) food delivery and (iv) personal expenses.
  4. "Personal Information" means personally identifiable information about you collected through the Application, such as your name, address, date of birth, occupation, telephone number, your e-mail address and / or the like, and other information who may be able to identify certain people who are using the Application
  5. "Website" means our website at https://Oluari.com


Information We Collect

  1. We collect certain Personal Information from you so that the Application can find Services from Service Providers. You will immediately provide Personal Information (for example, when you register) and some information will be automatically collected when you use the Application.
  2. When you visit our Website, our website administrator will process technical data such as your IP address, the webpage you have visited, the internet browser you are using, the webpage you previously visited and the duration of each visit / session allows us to deliver the functions of the Website. In addition, in some cases, the browser can advise you that your geo-location allows us to provide you with a better experience. With this technical data our Website administrators can manage the Website, for example by resolving technical difficulties or improving the ability to access certain parts of the Website. In this way, we can ensure that you can (continue to) find information on the Website in a fast and simple way.
  3. Information that you provide directly.
  4. When registering for the Application, you will provide us with your e-mail address, name, telephone number and account password.
  5. When you use the Application to find a service, you provide information to us, namely your location and destination. You also provide information to us about the items you send / deliver and / or purchase and your purchase costs when you use instant courier services or personal purchases. When you use our application, we will also process your technical data such as IP address, Device ID or MAC address, and information about the manufacturer, model, and operating system of your mobile device. We use this data to enable us to deliver the functions of the Application, resolve technical difficulties, provide you with the correct and up-to-date version of the Application and to improve the functioning of the Application.
  6. We will ask for the telephone number of someone who can be contacted by the Service Provider to complete your order when you use the Application to find an instant courier service. You must obtain prior approval from the person whose telephone number you gave us to provide us with the telephone number and for us to provide the telephone number to the Service Provider.
  7. When you refill (TOP UP) your Oluari  Credit, we will collect information such as the name of the bank where your account was opened, the name of the account holder, and the amount you transferred for topping up (TOP UP).
  8. You can provide a referral code to your friends through the Application, where, we will only prepare a message for you to send or publish through your social media provider or e-mail. You can change the message that we have prepared before you send it. We will not collect your friend's data.
  9. Information we collect when you use the Application.
  10. When you use the Application through your mobile device, we will track and collect geo-location information in real-time. We use this information to enable you to view Service Providers in your area that are close to your location, arrange pickup locations and send information to the requested Service Providers, and to see the requested Service Providers approaching on a map in real-time. We may also use this real-time geo-location information to provide assistance, resolve technical or business difficulties that may arise when you use the Application. You can temporarily turn off geo-location tracker information at the device level. Your mobile device will notify you when your geo-location is tracked by displaying the GPS arrow symbol.
  11. We also track and collect Service Provider's geo-location information. This means that we also collect information when you travel with Service Providers. We will also use the Service Provider's geo-location information in an anonymous and complete form to obtain statistical and management information and to provide you with enhanced application functionality.


Use of Information We Collect

  1. We use your e-mail address, name, telephone number and password to verify your ownership of an account, to communicate with you regarding your order and to provide you with information about the Application. We may also use your name, email and telephone number to send messages, general updates on the Application, special offers or promotions. We will also send you an e-mail asking you to subscribe to our Mailing List. You can at any time choose not to receive information about this discussion.
  2. We use your geo-location and destination to find Service Providers who are around you, to help Service Providers to calculate costs and to analyze patterns of application usage to improve Application performance.
  3. We use information such as the items you send / deliver and / or buy and your purchase costs to determine whether the Application can accept your order based on the Terms of Use.
  4. We use information such as the name of the bank where your account was created, the name where the account is stored and the amount transferred for refill (TOP UP) to ensure payment you make for Oluari Credits.
  5. We use Personal Information in an anonymous and overall form to closely monitor which features of the Service are used most often, to analyze usage patterns and to determine whether we will offer or focus on our Services. You hereby agree that your data will be used by our internal data processing to provide better services to you.


Provision of Information We Collect

  1. After receiving your order, we will provide information such as name, telephone number, location, destination, geo-location, items to be sent / delivered or purchased and / or your spending costs to the Service Provider who receives your request for the Service. This information is needed by the Service Provider to contact you, and / or find you and / or fulfill your order
  2. We will also provide the telephone numbers of contactable parties that you have provided to us to the Service Provider when you use the Application to find instant courier services.
  3. You hereby agree and authorize us to provide your Personal Information to Service Providers as part of the terms of Service. Although your personal information will automatically be deleted from the Service Provider's mobile device after you use the Service, there is a possibility that the Service Provider can store your data on their device in any way. We are not responsible for storing data in this way and you agree to defend, compensate and release us and we will not be responsible for any misuse of your Personal Information by the Service Provider after the termination of the services provided.
  4. We may employ companies and third parties individuals to facilitate or provide certain Applications and services on our behalf, to provide consumer assistance, provide geo-location information to our Service Providers, to carry out services related to the Site web (for example without restrictions, maintenance services, database management, web analytics and enhancements to Website features) or to assist us in analyzing how our Services are used or for our professional advisors and external auditors, including legal advisors, financial advisors, and consultants -consultant. These third parties only have access to your personal information to carry out these tasks on our behalf and are contractually bound not to disclose or use the personal information for any other purpose.
  5. We do not share your Personal Information with any party other than to the relevant Service Provider and the companies and individual third parties mentioned in section 4.4 above, without your consent. However, we will disclose your Personal Information as long as it is requested by law, or is required to comply with statutory provisions, regulations and government, or in the event of a dispute, or any form of legal process between you and us, or between you and other users in connection with, or related to the Service, or in emergencies relating to your health and / or safety.
  6. Your Personal Information can be transferred, stored, used and processed in a jurisdiction other than Mexico where our servers are located. You understand and agree to the transfer of your Personal Information outside Mexico.
  7. We do not sell or rent your Personal Information to third parties.
  8. Detention of Information We Collect. We will hold your information until you delete your account on the Application.



We do not guarantee the security of our database and we also do not guarantee that the data you provide will not be held / interrupted while being sent to us. Any information sent by you to us is at your own risk. You may not reveal your password to anyone. However effective a technology is, there is no impenetrable security system.


Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may change this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in our activities. If we change this Privacy Policy, we will notify you by email or by notification on the Website 1 day before the change takes effect. We urge you to review this page periodically to find out the latest information about how the provisions of this Privacy Policy we apply.



Governing law and jurisdiction. This Privacy Policy is governed by and to be interpreted in the laws of the Mexico. Any and all disputes arising from this privacy policy will be governed by the exclusive jurisdiction of Mexico.

Recognition and Approval

  1. By using the Application, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and agree and agree to the use, practice, processing and transfer of your personal information by us as stated in this Privacy Policy.
  1. You also declare that you have the right to share all information that you have provided to us and to give us the right to use and share this information with Service Providers.


Stop receiving e-mails

We have a policy to choose to enter / exit the database. If you want to stop receiving emails from us, please click the unsubscribe link that is included in each e-mail.


Ways to Contact Us

If you have further questions about the privacy and security of your information and want to update or delete your data then please contact us at: info@Oluari.com




Update 29-05-2022